Google Sites

Google Sites can be used to create custom websites and webpages without knowing HTML or other complex coding languages. You only need a web browser, so teachers and students do not need to buy or download software.

Features and Benefits

Google Sites features an intuitive, web-based editor for creating and managing websites. Creating a website is as easy as writing a document! It is simple to edit, update, and share sites with others. Embed documents, videos, images, shared calendars, and more, with just a few clicks. Sites can be styled to match your existing school websites, or created from public or private templates. Sites has built-in search, powered by Google, so people can find exactly the information they are looking for.
Students can use Sites, too. They can build websites to showcase their school work without writing a single line of code.

Google Sites uses encrypted connections to Google’s servers for privacy and security. Fine-grained sharing options control access to Sites down to the webpage level. And like all Google Apps, Google Sites are built for 99.99% up time and availability, no matter where in the world or on what device your visitors are accessing them.
Information on setting up your own Google Site.